Jim Roach – A Common Sense Republican.

Candidate for Florida House of Representatives, District 77

Jim and Theresa

Jim and Theresa Roach

Summary: We must simplify the political process and return to basic, honest, government

As my tagline in the header states, I support a return to basic, honest, government. This is necessary because I am fully convinced that unhelpful rhetoric and special interests have driven our government officials away from their chief civic duty. That is to represent their constituents.

This is something I fully intend to do once I am elected.

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Please feel free to navigate across the top pages tabs of this site in order to learn more about me and how I will represent the people of District 77 once elected.

The Primary Election is August 26, 2014!  Please vote!

District 77 is comprised of Cape Coral and a few precincts in North Fort Myers .  Click to enlarge map below